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Good News!

We have renovated our systems with the latest technology tools. Our aim is to meet customers' needs and increase competitive advantage.

In 5 minutes only...

News at PROSOUND Studios! Record your favorite song with live performance band effects within 5 minutes only! Contact us now!

Attention songwriters!

We specialize in helping songwriters set their lyrics to music. Send us your lyrics and we will write and record the song in any style you desire.

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Like us on our Facebook Fan Page! Make sure you visit PROSOUND Studios Facebook Fan Page. You will find recent photos, productions along with pictures and videos posted by our fans.

Live Band Production

Today PROSOUND Studios provide you with arranging and recording solutions with live performance effects at affordable prices. For more info please contact us.

Sing at your wedding day!

Surprise your love and sing at your Wedding Day! Customize your favorite song with your preferred lyrics. Do not worry about your voice, it's our business!

Acoustic Structure | PROSOUND Studios

The acoustic structure of PROSOUND Studios delivers high end acoustic absorbers and diffusers to complement the needs of our clients. The box-in-a-box recording area is equipped with floating structure able of providing 48dBA attenuation using the latest anti-vibration materials. Have a look to our Gallery.